Face Surgery Sets

high quality set for face surgery like, Rhinoplasty nose surgery set, Face lift set, Eyelid surgery set and so many 

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RhinoPlasty Instruments Set Regular ( Walter type )

RhinoPlasty Instruments Set Regular (  Walter Set ) with following items 01.   Scalpel Handle, #7k,  1 02.   Surgical Operating Scissors, 14.5cm, Curved - Sharp/Blunt 1 03.   Ragnell Kilner Scissors, 15cm, Curved - Flattened At Distal End 1 04.   Fox T.C. Gum And Tissue Scissors, 13cm, Curved, 1 Serrated Blade   1 05.   Adson Brown Delicate Tissue Forceps, 12cm, 7x7 Teeth, Straig..


Rhinoplasty Advanced Set

Rhinoplasty Advanced Setall instruments high quality and gold plated ..

$1,199.00 $950.00

Rhinoplasty Basic Set

Rhinoplasty Basic Set include following instruments pcs Description 5 Backhaus Towel Forceps    11 cm     1 Dressing Forceps    10.5 cm    Narrow   1 Adson Dressing Forceps    12 cm    Straight   1 Jansen Ear- And Nose Dressing Forceps    16 cm    Bayonet   1 G..


Nasal Set

Nasal Basic Set include following instruments..


Rhinoplasty Small Set

Rhinoplasty Small Set include following instruments..


Blepharoplasty Set

Blepharoplasty Set included following instruments 1. Sharp double hook 6" 2. Blade holder for blade #15 3. Bishop tooth forceps fine tip 0.5 mm tissue Castroveijo tooth forceps fine tip 0.3 mm Small Mosquito clamp 5" Sharp curved scissor delicated Needle holder..


Face lift Set

Face-lift Setthis set include following instruments..


Set of 3 Gorney Facelift Scissors TC

Set of 3 Gorney Facelift ScissorsSet of 3 beautiful German steel made scissors for facelift surgery and other general useall scissors made in high quality and TC Tip ( Tungsten Carbide Tip )the detail of scissors as following1, Gorney Face Lift Scissors, Curved Tungsten Carbide, Serrated, 6-1/5" (170mm) length 17cm2, Gorney Face Lift Scissors, Curved Tungsten Carbide, Serrated, 8" (200mm) length 20cm3, Gorney Face Lift Scissors, Curved Tungsten Carbide, Serrated, 9" (230mm) length 23cm..